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Manage your color workflow with ColorTrack™

A unique software that creates the link between color measurement, quality control and ink management, including the ability to correct inks directly on press side.


A modular software that suits all your need by providing a solution that is structured according to the specific needs of the individual company.

Manage your color workflow with Baldwin ColorTrack! Find out the software modules’ structure:


It allows operators to set jobs with targets and tolerances by relating them to a specific customer or job. The information are immediately available in all departments where ColorTrack is installed. Once the print run has started, the operator measures by comparing the differences between the printed product and the target, all the data collected can be viewed at any time thanks to the Analytics module included (basic version).


It links quality control and all other aspects from ink management to production, including information such as the ink film thickness (anilox or engraving) and viscosity. It calculates the consumption and the quantity of ink needed to complete a job. The software can predict the most appropriate color correction, be it a change in concentration or the need to change the recipe itself.

Analytics PRO

ColorTrack Analytics PRO is a software dedicated to the analysis of data collected during print production. This unique software allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to analyze simultaneously the measurements and events that occurred during the printing (correction, roll change ...), with the possibility of carrying out a cross-analysis. It also allows you to analyze a single color within any processing carried out, color analysis is independent from job.


InkWeigh is a complete ink management solution, it displays the recipes of the formulation software through direct sharing of the database, simplifies weighing components quickly and easily by observing the "Weigh Progress Bar". It allows the correct management of the leftovers, tracing and let them available for new color recipes. It manages the information relating to the production batches of each ink purchased for a complete traceability.

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