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Case History: Tipolito Salvioli

Our happy client...

Tipolito Salvioli

Tipolito Salvioli “An old typography, a young staff, an accurate working team. We invest in continuing education, in research, development, technology: we like to offer, innovative and traditional products, paying attention to every detail.”


The problem: Tipolito Salvioli wanted to upgrade his color management on the printing machine.

The solution: ColorConsulting checking the structure and needs propose to the company this kind of equipment:

Easytrax with Rutherford connection to the Heidelberg speed master 74 printing machine and the software Alwan print Standardizer.

This type of solution to allow the company to automate the ink adjustment on the machine, to measure in one step both the density and the colorimetry of the inks and finally optimize printing according to ISO standards.

The advantages obtained:

  • The printing machine has become modern and competitive

  • Optimization of the starting times

  • Simplification of control procedures

  • Speeding ink correction

  • Decrease the incidence of human error and standardization of productions

  • Improved whole performances

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