ColorConsulting offers solutions of color management adapted to the needs of different printing processes. We sell instruments concerning the different phases of the process starting with the pre-press, for which we propose repurposing software, spectrophotometers, densitometers

About press we propose various products for the evaluation of colors, automatic measurement, registry systems and ISO software.

Lights are essential to validate a printed product, we offer vision tools, lights and control cabinets with highly reliable performances. About supports and inks we recommend precision scales, proofing systems and especially the new InkWeigh Software & Station that is a complete semiautomatic weighing solution that allows to realize any color recipe quickly and accurately managing the color formulation.

ColorConsulting is FOGRA partner for the certification audit ISO 12647-2, it is a UNI member and Italian expert in TC130 of ISO, this allows us to be always updated so that we can  help our customers in carrying out effective and repeatable processes.

ColorConsulting uses and recommends the best solutions for the control and measurement of colors, including: