Check Up of the printing machine

Using our tests we check the condition of the printing machine. We examine all the components of the machine to standardize the process. The control of the machine is recorded in detailed reports. The results obtained facilitate control and comparison to check the maintenance of the results. The control procedure can be performed using the procedures studied by ColorConsulting or the one defined by manufacturers.

Check of the tonal reproduction

Our test checks the tonal reproduction on the whole surface of the printed sheet. This collection of data is required in order to proceed to the creation of the printing plate, by applying a compensation  curve necessary to improve the matching of the colors. The evaluation is made according to ISO rules.

Color Management

The Color Management is a crucial resource for graphic companies that allows you to optimize the procedure of internal work, reducing the time, cost and allowing you to get the best result that the peripheral or the press that we have offer.
Color management within the business workflow involves the creation of color profiles for the devices in the company, starting from the monitors, printers to the printing presses.
The ColorManagement is then applied to all devices and business workflows , optimizing production , in this regard it is necessary to develop a training strategy for technicians who need to manage your documents.

Implementation of FM capability

While preparing a product with the stocastic capability you need to  implement it in the production flow, in particular checking the plate, the press, the characterization and the printing machine. The color flow will end when all the processes will be synchronized with FM Capability and files will be generated considering all the variables.

Multicolor, not just six colors

The printing process in multicolor, which can be achieved with a choice of colors from 4 to 10 comprising the four or not, allows to create a new level of quality for the own company, providing a result not possible with traditional techniques.
The addition of color to four-color printing, if properly structured, it saves on the presence of spot colors, which will become readily reproducible using the colors of separation.

CTP system check

It is essential within the workflow of a printing company to be sure that what is produced in the plate is always correct and consistent. For this reason it is necessary to normalize the output of the CTP, as required by international standards and according to those which are the characteristics and needs of the press.
The linearization of the CTP, through the instrumental measurement using control bar, allow you to reach this goal.