ColorConsulting at China Print 2017

After the great success at INFOFLEX 2017- Phoenix AZ ColorConsulting is present on the QuadTech stand at:

CHINA PRINT 2017 BEIJING 9-13 May 2017 Stand E4-017

Where with live demonstrations we show how:

Reduce startup times and waste to ensure productivity gains of up to 25% through new features and new Colortrack modules


Here are the news of ColorTrack that will be presented at CHINA PRINT 2017:

Pre-Laminate/Post-Laminate Color Support
Define both pre- and post-laminate color targets within the job, measure color inline, and use both targets to manage the difference on-press. This first and only automated workflow solution replaces cumbersome “trial and error” methods of achieving post-laminate color that is within your customers’ specifications.

ColorTrack Press-Side Recipe Correction Module
For the first time, it is now possible to track ink quality and manage corrections when needed at the printing press—with one product. The new ColorTrack Correction Module streamlines the correction process, allowing for fast, accurate color correction at the press to dramatically reduce waste caused by color problems.

Ink Strength/Anilox Color Correction
Manage ink color without correcting ink. Avoid the cost and time involved with recipe corrections by managing print conditions. Accurately predict the impact an ink concentration change or anilox change will have on color. Advanced “Perifarbe” math formulas tell you if and how the best-match can be achieved.

Spot Color Tone Value Calculation to ISO 20654
Designed specifically with Packaging print in mind, the Spot Color Tone Value Calculation allows you to conform to the new ISO 20654 standard by showing how well your Spot Color mid-tones match your targets.

Enhanced Color Measurement through Strip Scanning
Gather a full set of color targets for solids, tones, and substrate in one sweep with a hand-held spectro. Measure and average multiple color strips.

Simplified Ink Quantity Tracking via Patented “Virtual Scales”
Actively track ink consumption without the use of costly scales on each ink unit. Because it is software-based, this precise tracking solution can be retrofit to any flexo or gravure press, allowing you to standardize on a single color management solution across any range of press types and models.

Complete, Simplified Workflow
Increase press productivity 25% or more. Reduce color makeready and setup time up to 75%. Keep records of which ink batches are used. Dramatically reduce ink inventory and storage needs.

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