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Our services of color management


ColorConsulting gives you continuing education course, individual or in team, webinar and all you will need to be always updated.


Consultancy like a distinguishing feature for a company dedicated to the customer.


ColorConsulting deal with all the product needed for color management.


ColorConsulting is technical and commercial representative for Ink Formulation. We are able to create test for ink and paper and we create personalized color-database.


Helping customers in color management and print quality

ColorConsulting is a consulting firm working internationally serving packaging and commercial printers; ink and printing press manufacturers and various other OEMs,
offering our customers consulting, training, certification and repair services.
ColorConsulting is a company primarily focused on the technological and professional growth of its customers in the fields of control and optimization of color and quality.
To ensure the continuous achievement of that objective and to maintain the quality of our advice upgraded to the highest international standards, we are members of Taga - Italy, UNI - Italy , Fogra - DE , FTA - USA. Furthermore, since 2008 we have been Expert level contributors to the following Italian ISO TC130 working groups: WG 3 - Process control and related metrology, WG 4 - Media and materials, WG13 - Printing certification requirements,
this enables us to bring the questions and highlight the needs of our customers in an international forum.
In 2010 we embarked on a new custom software development division for our customers in close collaboration with
BALDWIN Vision Systems for the development of the ColorTrack software product.

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